Traci Topps Biographical information  (Courtesy of Encyclopedia)

Traci Topps
Birthdate:  December 10, 1971
Birth location:  Houston, Texas, USA
Birth name:  Wendy Bevis
Measurements:  36JJ-24-36
Height:  5 foot, 4 inches
Eye color:  Brown
Hair color:  Blonde
Natural bust:  No
Ethnicity:  Caucasian

Traci Topps (born December 10, 1971 in Houston, Texas, USA) is the stage name of the now-retired big-bust model, porn star and stripper Wendy Ammons, and before marriage, Wendy Bevis.

Biographical information

Topps worked as a receptionist after high school before she and her husband, Van Ammons, met feature dancer (i.e., stripper), Topsey Curvey, when Topsey went to Houston for the first time, and was persuaded by Topsey to become a feature dancer herself. Topps met and married Van Ammons, a Texas entrepreneur, when she was a 17 year old teenager. He was the one that came up with the name Traci Topps.

Dr. Gerald Johnson of Houston, Texas installed her 1,500 cc breast implants in 1989 which were later expanded to 2,500 cc each. Each breast weighted approximately 5 pounds.

Topps originally suggested that her husband, Van Ammons, a good looking, 6' 2" blond Houston resident start a video company for her and her friends so they would have videos to sell when they appeared in the various clubs. The company Ammons started was Talent Network Associates, also known as TNA Video. Under Ammons' guidance, Topps became the best known and highest paid big breast model and cover girl in the world and appeared in several big-tit videos with other girls such as SaRenna Lee, Nikki Knockers and Tina Cheri with the content of the videos varying from girl-girl sex to dildo insertion to boy/girl sex. SaRenna Lee (born in Jacksonville, Florida, USA on February 17, 1973) is another big-bust model, adult film star and exotic dancer that Van Ammons helped get started in the feature entertainer business.

Topps appeared in only one male/female hardcore porn video.  That was Horny Hospital her husband and with porn actress Tina Cheri, another one of Van Ammons' discoveries.  Both girls were dressed in nurses outfits and the disguised male star known as "Tommy Burns" in the movie was actually Traci's husband, Van Ammons.  He was wrapped as a burn victim in bandages (i.e. Tommy Burns) to keep from being recognized by Traci's legion of fans. The video featured Ammons having sex with both girls plus both girls performing oral sex on Ammons.  Although he appeared in numerous other XXX rated movies with different adult stars he was always in a disguise, often dressed up as a pizza delivery driver, a repair man, or pool cleaner.  Often times he was shot from the neck down to keep from being recognized.

Topps posed for her first full layout in the March 1990 issue of Gent magazine. She featured in more photoshoots for Gent, in addition to Juggs, Fox, Chéri, Score and most notably Penthouse and Playboy. Traci Topps became the most popular, highest paid, big bust model in the world and appeared on the cover of over 200 men's magazines all over the world.

The magazine work originated during her first week on the road as a feature dancer. She was working in Toronto, Canada, and photographer John Graham was shooting sets with several other girls in Canada at the time. He approached Topps in the club where she was "headlining" and Traci originally said no but later changed her mind and her career in magazines and adult videos progressed from there, including some work with the self-promoted photographer/artist James Elliot. Her most famous photo shoots, done for Penthouse Magazine, were done under the direction of her husband and shot by world famous photographer Warren Tang in Manhattan.

She starred in several softcore big breast videos, including starring in a video for Playboy entitled "Voluptuous Vixens", and gathered a huge following when she moved into semi-hardcore girl-girl adult videos which were produced and directed by her husband, Ammons.  In the videos, she performed sex acts with other big-breasted female stars, most notably in a string of on-screen appearances with SaRenna Lee.  Her performances were largely constrained to kissing, fondling, tit-licking and oral sex, but soon progressed to dildo penetration and receiving sex with a strap-on dildo in some videos (notably with porn starlett Sana Fey and then with SaRenna Lee).  In some videos, she also engaged in digit insertion and, on one occasion, was fisted by German big-tit porn model Chloe Vevrier.

Topps later did some work for Danni Ashe on Danni's ground-breaking adult website Danni's Hard Drive, where she worked as a regular interviewer/reporter while also starring in various photo shoots and softcore videos. Topps also regularly attended the famous Score Boob Cruise.

Eventually, Topps and Ashe parted company, and Topps set up a new website with Chloe Vevrier and Busty Dusty known as The Fantasy Cafe.  The initial promo photographs for the site were shot by erotic photographer Tom Ruddock.  Busty Dusty's sister was responsible for the maintenance of the website, which eventually folded when Topps parted company with the other girls.

Ammons and Topps traveled throughout the United States and Canada during her career and also made trips to London, Paris, Tokyo and varrious other parts of the world.  Both Topps and Ammons had a squeaky clean reputation as never being part of the drug side of the adult business.  Topps retired in 1999, and her wardrobe was purchased by model and dancer Cynthia Hammer. Her implants were removed with the surgery being done by Dr. Gerald Johnson, the doctor that had put them in, and sold to big bust model Treasure Chest, who used them to surgically enhance her own breasts.

Physical characteristics

Topps has a natural hair color of auburn, dark brown eyes, is roughly 162 cm/5'4" tall and at the top of her porn and feature dancing career, had vital statistics reported as 36JJ-24-36. Her post-reduction size is reported as 36DDD or 36E. Her original breast size was 34B. During the early 1990s she had nose surgery and she got much more delicately chiseled features.


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    * Traci's name was often printed in magazines and calendars as TracI ToppS, spelling out TITS in capital letters.
    * Traci is a big Disney fan, particularly of Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan (1953 film) and Winnie the Pooh.
    * Her breasts, with her 2,500 cc implants, weighed about 5 lbs each.
    * Her favorite movies are The King and I, West Side Story, The Princess Bride, Labyrinth, The Big Chill, and Braveheart.

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